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Improve Your Photography with These Simple Tricks

Improve Your Photography with These Simple Tricks

When you take photos of a group, like a family, work colleagues, or friends, you always want to get some natural looking photos and not just stiff, posed shots. With a little planning, you can get great shots that look natural but have all the elements that matter to you. Think of these as “unposed poses.” They work in both playful settings or serious ones too (even if you are getting ready for a wedding).

Here’s some of our favorite tips:

Reflect on the Event – What is the feeling and the mood? Is this for a fun occasion or a something more serious? Is it significant and maybe even somber, but has room for humor too – like a wedding or graduation? How might the meaning of the event and how you might look back on it in a few decades from now.

Think of the Feelings – What is the purpose for taking the photos? What feeling do you want future viewers to have when they look at the photos taken? Think of some adjectives that best reflect the feeling and mood of the event and then be ready to catch those candid moments when that feeling seems to match.

Let the Personality Show Through – Encourage everyone to be themselves. Let their personalities shine through. Tell the subjects the emotions you’re feeling and thinking about during the shoot and see how they respond. Don’t over direct. Just a few tips should be enough to get them started and still be natural. Depending on the nature of the event, props can help people amplify their personality.

Capture the Step by Step – Most events have a sequence or series of steps. Use that natural flow to capture the different phases. Maybe that would include getting read, the big entrance, the celebration, the awards, the recognitions, the thank yous, and sometimes even the clean up at the end. It’s easier to capture natural moments if you aren’t just counting on the one big pose.

Be Ready to Laugh – Natural laughter often leads to the favorite shots of an event and rarely even look posed. Help keep everyone having fun and feeling light. Don’t hesitate to share a joke, encourage the natural report your subjects are showing and let their joy shine.

You Can Always Have a Secret – When you need a fresh idea and your subjects might be resisting, ask one to tell a “secret” to another. Those actions often lead to a more natural look from everyone involved.

Kids Love a Good Pile-Up – Especially if you are photographing a large group of kids or family, encourage a good pile up. You’ll get lots of laughter and smiling faces and plenty of natural looks.

Most of all, have fun and make sure to bring a smile along too.